Credit Spread Trading with ConnorsRSI

This Quantified Approach Helps You Spot the Reversals Necessary to Succeed with Credit Spreads

If you trade Options, you understand that Credit Spreads are a popular strategy used to generate consistent income with very little downside risk.

You also know that a key to success with Credit Spreads depends upon your ability to identify those stocks and ETFs that have a high probability of a near-term reversal.  This price movement can make your position more profitable when it comes time to close it out.

Connors Research is pleased to announce a new Quantified Approach to help you gauge future reversals that can give you a new level of confidence in trading Credit Spreads.

This new methodology, Credit Spread Trading with ConnorsRSI, is based on ConnorsRSI -- the first quantified momentum oscillator that has been adopted by thousands of active traders since its release in November.  ConnorsRSI is now making its way on to platforms at major brokerage firms and into the back offices of institutional buyers as well.

Now you can learn how to use ConnorsRSI to trade Credit Spreads more efficiently. Credit Spread Trading with ConnorsRSI is the only quantified options spreads trading strategy available on the marketplace as far as we know.

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Here is a quick summary:

  • The focus is on using ConnorsRSI as a quantified tool to help you identify stocks and ETFs with a high probability of experiencing a reversal.
  • You will also receive instructions on how to set up your Credit Spread positions.
  • This is an active strategy -- signals are triggered 95% of trading days. You will be able to make this income program part of your regular trading routine.

Credit Spread Trading with ConnorsRSI will interest you if you are looking for strategies to increase your portfolio’s returns on any position that has liquid options.

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  • "I love the fact that Larry & his team build simple models that show great results. No complicated math or complex indicators. This makes the systems much more robust."

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