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The Swing Trading College

Do you Swing Trade?

There are literally hundreds of books available on how to swing trade. Are you tired of looking at books and courses that tell you to “buy a pullback and sell it when it goes up”?

You are going to need better, more precise information if you want to be successful with your swing trading.

Now you can get the definitive answers to your questions. Answers that give you a high probability of success -- all quantified & backed by analysis of years of back-tested, simulated  historical results.

You'll get these answers -- and the training you need -- at Swing Trading College -- the most popular education program offered by TradingMarkets for over 9 years running.  Swing Trading College is the comprehensive trading education program available to individual traders: we've had students come back to the classes two -- and even three times -- it's that good..

The Swing Trading College

The Swing Trading College is a complete training program that will teach you specific research, strategies, techniques, and tools necessary to swing trade quantitatively. The course agenda includes:

  1. How to Use Historical, Model-Driven Results to Buy Pullbacks
  2. Swing Trading ETFs & Leveraged ETFs
  3. How and when to use Short Selling techniques
  4. Volatility Trading
  5. Quantified Options Income Programs
  6. Building Your "Personal Trading Business"
    • Setting Goals
    • Developing a Business Plan
    • Trading Psychology
    • Building a High-Probability Swing Trading Portfolios

You will also receive instruction in multiple quantified trading strategies, including:

    • S&P Selective Strategy
    • ETF Deep Pullbacks Strategy
    • Short Selling Portfolio Strategy
    • Daily VXX Strategy
    • VXX Trend Following Strategy
    • and more.
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What Attendees Say
About the February  2013 Session of Swing Trading College.

"I would rank the course a 10 on a 1-10 scale. I give the course this rating because of the course's quantitative approach to investing in the stock market. Nothing is left to chance. I have been trading for 25 years. Thank you again for your guidance and dedication to this effort."-- MC

“Thanks for another awesome session. It feels like a cutting edge system.” -- Greg McAdam

"I wanted to let you know that I what I have learned from your books and ‘Swing Trading’ course has completely changed my trading and as a result my life! Attached find a picture of a boat that I recently purchased with profits made from trading as you teach, thoroughly enjoyed the course. I wanted to call the boat TPS 2-3-5 but my daughters vote won in the end and she is called ‘Katara’.-- Mark Becker

“The homework was great and it was very enlightening. I couldn't believe the numbers.” -- R.V., New York