A Special Invitation from Larry Connors

I'd like to invite you to view a small group presentation I recorded recently.

The presentation is in two parts; the first part shows you a portion of the new research we’ll be releasing over the next three months.

You will be able to take this research from the presentation and apply it immediately to your trading.

The second part of the presentation will give you insight into what our Chairman’s Club will look like over the next twelve months.

Chairman’s Club is now in its 7th year and has a record number of members. Many current and past Members have successfully grown their accounts and their trading businesses because of the things they have learned as Members of Chairman’s Club.
Our research has expanded significantly and now includes:

  • S&P Breakout Strategies
  • New Volatility Trading Strategies
  • Short-selling Strategies
  • Additional strategies to participate both when markets head higher and when bear markets occur.

Overall Chairman’s Club members are experiencing the highest quality of trading information in our history and at the presentation I explain how Chairman’s Club can help you further grow your trading assets.

If you would like to view the recording and receive the new research along with the new details of Chairman’s Club, please call us at 888-484-8220 ext. 3 or fill out the form top right and you will get immediate access to the video.

Chairman's Club is Your
"Carte Blanche" for
Connors Research

Chairman's Club membership gives you the entire menu of resources created by
Connors Research for active traders:

  • All the Research - books, reports, newsletters & more
  • All the Education - trading strategy summits , workshops & courses (live, online & video)
  • All the Data Services - The Machine, Daily Battle Plan, PowerRatings & more

.... All presented within the context of regular online meetings with some of the best traders you will find anywhere in the world.

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What Members Say

Here's what Chairman’s Club members said after our recent October session:

  • "I would rate it higher than excellent, like exceptional."
  • "Connor's strategies are currently the best. They are fully researched and back tested. They make sense logically. The Machine makes implementing the strategies easy and straightforward."
  • "I feel like I am going to MIT. His educational benefits such as updates in research, new strategies make me feel that I am far advanced in the knowledge of trading. The aspect that I enjoy the most is the fact that I am making money from Larry's presentations."